Join us for a celebration party as we wrap up this year’s Trophy Cup. There’ll probably be some beer and even some pizza from Gracie’s. Plan on stopping by to pick up your Crusade race number as well and hang out for a bit.

Friday October 4th 7pm-10pm @ Breadwinner Cycles

2323 N Williams Ave, Portland, OR 97227


Every Tuesday September 3-October 1


Probably the best thing you could be doing on a Tuesday night. Definitely the most fun you'll have at a bike race this year. The party starts September 3 and continues on Tuesdays through October 1.


Thanks to Inhabit Real Estate all Juniors race Trophy Cup for free for the third season in a row! Be sure to thank Eric if you see him at the race. 


Thanks to Portland Design Works, all beginner women race for free! When you ride home after the race, I sure hope that you’re using PDW lights.


Mechanical support is graciously provided by Metropolis Cycles. They'll be on-hand each night for all of your last minute repairs.


Although the course is subject to change each evening, expect a fast early season course with a few technical sections. There are typically two barrier sections each lap and plenty of opportunities to practice your cornering skills. There will be variety with a new course each week but all races will feature the signature off camber turns in the tree-filled section.


The course, beer garden, registration, and first aid are located on the infield of the race track. You can reach the raceway by bicycle (always the preferred method) or via the MAX yellow line. Follow signs to motocross course. If you must drive, there is parking on the outside of the course and please consider carpooling. Please be cautious and aware that other cyclists will be present.


Results and standings can be found on the OBRA site.


Portland International Raceway (infield of race track)
1940 N Victory Blvd, Portland, OR 97217

Follow the main road once you've entered the Raceway until you see the party.


all juniors race for free! 

Inhabit Real Estate has generously sponsored the Junior races meaning that all Juniors race Trophy Cup for free for the third season in a row!

I can't wait to see more and more juniors out this season and I couldn't be more excited to have such a great partner in getting more juniors out racing.

All junior racers will need to do is register online or at the race. If you see Eric at the race, be sure to give him a big thank you (or hug) for making this happen.

This season we will be featuring clinics for the juniors so that they get a bit more time on course this year. The clinic will start at 4:30pm and will wrap up at the start line to get the juniors race rolling.

race day schedule

Notes on categories:

  • Portland Trophy Cup is a safe and inclusive space for all

  • what were previously know as "men's" fields are open to all racers: men, women, and non-binary racers

  • Women's races are open to all cis-women, trans-women, and non-binary racers

  • Junior categories are considered open to all juniors, racers may select the race that they feel most comfortable racing

  • Non-elite athletes (Categories 3, 4, and beginner) may self-select the field, within their category, that best fits with their gender identity, or that they feel is most athletically and socially appropriate for competitive purposes

  • Elite athletes (Categories 1 & 2) may participate in the gendered field which is most athletically appropriate, as determined by OBRA and USA Cycling Transgender Athlete Participation Policies on Elite Competition

  • PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT PERFECT AND OUR LANGUAGE IS still EVOLVING, we are doing what we can to include everyone who does not benefit from cis-male privilege and we are all better because of inclusion

  • For more information about Being a good ally see this article at

  • OBRA RULES in regards to gender can be found in section 20 of the racing rules

  • discrimination or harassment of any type on the basis of race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identification, or national origin will not be tolerated at our events

4:30 PM

Free junior clinic

4:45 PM

Registration Opens

5:15 PM

30 Minutes

  • Junior Women (Junior racers may choose their category as they see fit)

  • Junior Open (Junior racers may choose their category as they see fit)

5:30 PM

Free Clinic Hosted by Gladys Bikes
Open to all racers

5:50 PM

40 Minutes

  • Open 3/4 35+

  • Open 50+

  • Open 60+

6:35 PM

40 Minutes

  • Open 3/4

  • Open Beginner

7:20 PM

40 Minutes

  • Women 1/2 (Cis-Women, Trans-Women, and Non-Binary)

  • Women 3/4 (Cis-Women, Trans-Women, and Non-Binary)

  • Women Beginner (Cis-Women, Trans-Women, and Non-Binary) ***There is no registration fee for this race***

  • Women Single Speed (Cis-Women, Trans-Women, and Non-Binary)

8:05 PM

45 Minutes

  • Open 1/2

  • Open Masters 1/2 35+

  • Open Single Speed

clinic presented by gladys bikes


Each week Portland Trophy Cup will feature a free clinic led by the Gladys Bikes Gladyators. Clinic skills will build each week and be specific to the challenges of that week’s course. Our goal is to prepare you for the course you will see in each evening’s race. These clinics will focus on getting beginner racers ready to challenge the evening’s race course.

Clinics will be held each Tuesday (September 3rd-October 1st) from 5:45 PM to 6:25 PM. Both Women Beginner and Open Beginner racers will be finished with the clinic in time for their race start.

Skills to be taught:
– Preparing for your race
– Starts and clipping in
– Cornering
– Dismounting and Remounting
– Barriers and lifting/carrying your bike
– Run-ups
– Navigating traffic
– Equipment setup

Registration for the race is located at the motocross tower in the center of the course. The clinic is located in the treed area just east of the motocross track.

Screen Shot 2019-08-11 at 7.30.53 PM.png

Portland Trophy Cup has partnered with Leave it on the Road this season to bring awareness to their efforts to fund cancer research.

LEAVE IT ON THE ROAD is a 501c3 profit that has been raising money for cancer research for the last 6 years. To date, LIOTR has raised $200,000 with the help of cycling industry partners.

LIOTR and Mettle Cycling have teamed up to bring more of this awareness and fundraising to the cyclocross scene by being a partner for the Portland Trophy Cup series as well as making some big prizes available to a raffle for this year. All prizes will be ready to be given out at the series award party.

Grab a ticket (or 8) and give something to a great cause while getting a chance to win something great.


Pre-registration race entry is $20, day-of registration will be available on-site for $25. If you would like to race a second category on the same night, registration fee for the second race is $10.

Inhabit Portland has again generously sponsored the Junior races meaning that all Juniors race Trophy Cup for free for the third season in a row! 

Portland Design Works is generously providing race entry for the entire Beginner Women’s field! A longtime supporter of Trophy Cup, they really are the best.

Breadwinner Cycles brings the holeshot prize of $50 at each race for the Women Single Speed & Open Single Speed.

Series prizes will be awarded to the top 3 riders of each category except Beginner and will total at least $6000. 

Our sponsors will also be providing prizes throughout the series as well as giving away great stuff at the awards party.

All racers must be current OBRA license holders. Licenses will be available at registration or can be purchased in advance online.

Weekly points are awarded 15 deep in each race.
Points schedule:
1st. 25
2nd. 20
3rd. 16
4th. 13
5th. 11
6th. 10
7th. 9
8th. 8
9th. 7
10th. 6
11th. 5
12th. 4
13th. 3
14th. 2
15th. 1

All five races count - NO PLACINGS ARE DROPPED.
Ties will be broken by greatest number of wins, or, if still tied, by the placing in the final race.

Double points given for those adhering to the Single Speedo rule in the Single Speed category. Activating this rule must be mentioned at the start line and may only be used once per rider per season.