Each week Portland Trophy Cup will feature a clinic led by the Gladys Bikes Gladyators. Clinic skills will build each week and be specific to the challenges of that week’s course. Our goal is to prepare you for the course you will see in each evening’s race. These clinics will focus on getting beginner racers ready to challenge the evening’s race course.

Clinics will be held each Tuesday (September 4th-October 2nd) from 5:00 PM to 5:45 PM. Both Beginner Women and Open Beginner racers will be finished with the clinic in time for their race start.

Skills to be taught:
– Preparing for your race
– Starts and clipping in
– Cornering
– Dismounting and Remounting
– Barriers and lifting/carrying your bike
– Run-ups
– Navigating traffic
– Equipment setup

Registration is located at the motocross tower in the center of the course. The clinic will be free for all racers.