race day schedule

Notes on categories:

  • Open Beginner field and all "men's" fields are open to all racers: men, women, trans, and non-binary.

  • Women's races are open to all woman-identified, femme, and non-binary racers.

  • Junior categories are considered open to all juniors, racers may select the race that they feel most comfortable racing.

TimeRace LengthCategory
4:45 PMRegistration Opens
5:00 PMClinic Hosted by Gladys BikesOpen to all racers
5:15 PM30 MinutesJunior Women (Junior racers may choose their category as they see fit)
Junior Men (Junior racers may choose their category as they see fit)
5:50 PM40 MinutesMasters 3/4 Men 35+
Men 50+
Men 60+
6:35 PM40 MinutesCategory 3/4 Men
Open Beginner
7:20 PM40 MinutesCategory 1/2 Women (Women, Femme, and Non-Binary)
Category 3/4 Women (Women, Femme, and Non-Binary)
Beginner Women (Women, Femme, and Non-Binary)
Single Speed Women (Women, Femme, and Non-Binary)
8:05 PM45 MinutesCategory 1/2 Men
Masters 1/2 35+ Men
Single Speed Men