Last Week was Great and This Week is Looking Even Better!

For those of you who may have missed it, we have added Men 50+ and Men 60+ categories that will race in the 5:55pm time slot. We hope to see plenty of you fast old dudes out there tomorrow and next week.

Did you know that Stages sponsors the holeshot competition each week for the 1/2s and the Singlespeed races? $50 to the winners isn't too bad for getting to the first corner before everybody. They also have demos available for any racers that want to dip their toes into the power meter game.

Series points can always be found on the Trophy Cup website and full results and standings are also available on the OBRA site.

Speaking of points, it's pretty tight at the top of the Singlespeed category and lest you forget that we abide by the Single Speedo tradition and I look forward to seeing the individual style that you'll all approach this opportunity.


So many photos out there of last week and even a video that Patty made. Check it out! 

Details, Details, Details & a Warning

Due to popular demand we have added two new categories for the series, Men's 50+ and 60+. They'll be racing in the 5:55pm time slot and so long as folks are into it we'll have it on the schedule for the rest of the series.

I can't quite believe the amount of great coverage that our local photogs can produce each week. Some highlights from around our world:

Jake Tong with The Wolf's Mouth capturing all of my favorite folks: 

Dan from Yung Pine with a brief Norse mythology discussion: 

Did you see this video?

Adam Kachman giving Dan a run for best dog photo of the series: 

In the bummer category I need to warn all of you about something that occurred along the Columbia Slough bike path on the way to PIR last week and advise that you stay off of it for the remainder of the season. Skjelse Rapoch was riding out to the race when she was hit by a rock thrown at her and knocked from her bike. She's in a pretty bad way and racking up the bills pretty quickly. Please do what you can to help her and her family out on her gofundme site. Our community is a great one so I have no doubt that folks will do what they can. 

Results and standings can always be found here.

Clinics happen every week before the start of the races. If you want to get some expert instruction at the hands of a professional, stop by the PBS tent at 5:30.

Registration for today’s race will be open until 3pm and will be $18. The price goes up to $22 if you register at the race. We’re happy either way, just make sure that you burn enough calories to enjoy that slice of Tastebud pizza after your race (and maybe a beer).